1. Hard Way To Go


Hard Way to Go
Written by Barry Hale

Most of your life you’ve been dealt bad hands, I won’t deny
But you let it eat at your heart and change the color of your sky
You see happiness all around so you that know it could be
If you let those old thoughts run your life, they will bring you to your knees

Baby it’s a hard way to go
Deep inside I think you know
If you keep walking down that same road
It's gonna be a hard way, gonna be a hard way to go

I remember a time when I could get through to you
Your crying has stopped but your smiles have to
You’re mad at the whole damn world, there’s nothing I can do
But remember the ones that hurt you, they were only a few


It’s life by rules and numbers, you didn’t like that
You never did what you were told
I’m gonna tell you what’s wrong one more time
But friend it’s gettin a little old