You hug on the old hound more than you do me
I know you give him steak when I get Chef Boyardee

You slowly caress that wax onto your truck
I can’t even get a little foot rub

There’s one thing I think you forgot
If you look around you just might see
What do you know, looky there, it’s little ole me

I’m that little gal that mops the floor
I listen to your stories, talk about bored
I call your mom when you don’t want to
Even with your bad aim I make that toilet look new
On Saturday night I dress to the T
Just ask you friends, they’ve been looking, at little ole me

You and your best friend have got me a little worried
Your always together, a true man love story

You won’t hold my hand, but you clench that remote
You put it down to scratch, then back in your hand it goes

It’s time you realize what you’ve got
I’m more than cook who also cleans
You should get to know this gal, yea little ole me

It’s simple math, first grade not above
1 + 1 equals us, to the power love
It’s your eyes I want looking at me
I want more of you, you big lug, can’t you see