Written By Barry Hale
Verse 1
You said I’m hangin in shady bars
And it doesn’t take much to get me in a car
Words from a love done gone

Your tellin everyone I took all your money
Left you broke then moved to the country
I wasn’t aware you even had a job

Behind my back and out of my sight
Things you’ve been sayin just ain’t right
You’ve been talking trash and dealin dirt on me
With your little bitty brain and big ole mouth
You’re tryin to take me way down
Remember what is said about sticks and stones
You ain’t hurtin me with your GOSSIP
Verse 2
I won’t lie gonna say the truth
Think I’ll tell some secrets on you
Like that little blue pill you need at night

Your mama and me had some good talks
She was worried cause you played with dolls
She gave me the cutest picture of you

I walked away didn’t want any trouble
If that’s what you want I’ll give you double
Repeat Chorus
Wish I could be a fly on the wall at Jack’s place
Your friends will be laughin hard and gettin all in your face
Repeat Chorus