In The Dark of the Night
Written by Barry Hale

Verse 1
Don’t get me wrong I like bright sunshine
And walks in the park with you by my side
I love to watch my little garden grow
Or sittin on the porch swingin to and fro

But these nice day time things can’t stop my lovin day dreams
I think about what we’re gonna do in the shadows of the moon
In the dark of night we don’t have much to say
Day’s work is done it’s time for us to play
Ooh, ooh, ooh my priorities ain’t quite right
Cause all day long I think about you and me
In the dark of the night
Verse 2
I go to work and pretend to care
But all I think about is your chest nice and bare
Lunch with the girls is a fun thing to do
Except I drift away with crazy thoughts of you

I wish away my days for that sultry nocturnal haze
It’s just a matter of time before your body is pressed against mine
Repeat Chorus
I hear about marriage all the time
how after a few years certain things decline
But you and me got somethin special that’s for sure
as the years go by I want you more and more
Repeat Chorus