Zombie Land

Her best friend has to work but she's going out anyway
Just for a drink or two not gonna stay

She walks into a room of grins but something ain't right
The smell of cologne in this man zone makes her head light

She feels the stares and gets a little scared when she see's their drooling smiles
They walk slow with their heads hung low but their clothes are so in style

In zombie land got to stay on her feet
To that man she's just fresh meat
Lesson learned don't go out alone
There's crazy testosterone
She'll be alright the curse won't last
At closing time it will pass
She'll escape and won't come back
To zombie land

Some girls were appetizers guess she's the first course
She tries hard to get out but finds herself on the dance floor

Their crooked feet can't a beat the line dance is too much
While they're grooving she keeps movin didn't want to be touched

A bunch of alcohol won't work at all major creepin nough said
No clever lines as hard as they try seriously brain dead

The wild beat makes her weak
Pounding feet cover the screams
Laser beams turn her green
She wishes this was a dream
Things didn't go quite as planned
In zombie land