Gonna Go Up From Here
Written and performed by Barry Hale

Empty wine glass, a plate with food barely eaten
She's going through the act, same scene, different evening
Street light flickers on, orange glow through cheap curtains
She plays with her cat, forgets the wine and pours herself a bourbon
Its been hard but she knows what happened was right
She believes in love and someone will change her state of mind

She says ooh uh ha things are gonna go up from here
There's clouds in her mind, but in time they will clear
Her sweet kitty cat has kept her from despair
But her heart's sore, it needs more than a feline love affair
It's time for fate to throw her a bone, she's taken all she can bear
She says ooh uh ha things are gonna go up from here

At the store, isle 6, in her cart Oreos and Ten High
A man walks up and asks which one gets her through the night
She fires back, lately either's better than a man
He laughed, and said lets go for coffee maybe I can change your plans
As they talked they found their stories were much the same
Hard work, lonely times, never winning at life's game

Sweet kisses have replaced the whiskey
His old dog likes her little kitty
She's still got some healing to do
His magical hugs will get her through